Why Novellas? + Novella List (The 16 currently available Latin novellas written with sheltered vocabulary)

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1. Pīsō Ille Poētulus (108 words)
Pīsō Ille Poētulus  (latín – español)
Poetry Audio Album
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Piso for Creators

2. Rūfus et arma ātra  (40 words)
Teacher’s Materials & Student FVR Readers (49-104 words)
– Audiobook

3. Agrippīna: māter fortis (65 words)

4. Rūfus lutulentus (20 words!)

5. fragmenta Pīsōnis: poetry from the Pisoverse (96 words…coming soon!)

5. Drūsilla et convīvium bonum (57 words…coming this winter!)

“Latin texts with only 40 unique words are EXACTLY what the profession needs right now…and we need a lot of them.”
– Stephen Krashen on Rūfus et arma ātra

“This book was very good. I feel like when we did our army unit this book would’ve been great to read. I knew most of the words, and only had to look up a few, which was nice. The book wasn’t too easy and also wasn’t too hard so it took just the right amount of time to read.”
– Latin 2 high school student on Rūfus et arma ātra

“This book is like a Dr Seuss book in Latin. Repetition can get boring, but Dr. Seuss and Lance Piantaggini do it well… It’s a really compelling story.”
Amazon Review of Rūfus et arma ātra

“I think the Latin is very intelligible, and I love the idea of having something that has metered poetry in it that’s appropriate for a level 1 or 2 student.”
 Latin Teacher on Pīsō Ille Poētulus

“I very much like it. I want to keep reading and take it home. Some words I don’t know, and they are repeated several times so I can keep reading. I’m surprised that I can read in Latin.”
– Latin 2 high school student on Agrippīna: māter fortis