Rūfus lutulentus Teacher’s Materials & Rūfus et Lūcia: līberī lutulentī Novella

With 20 unique words, the introductory Latin novella, Rūfus lutulentus, is so small in scope that it could be read within the first months of school. However, the Teacher’s Materials provide a lot of support for planning purposes, as well as input-based activities ready-to-go for whole-class use of the novella.

Since the next level of Pisoverse novellas include about twice as many words as Rūfus lutulentus, the Expanded Readings (ExR) of Rūfus et Lūcia: līberī lutulentī are a good stepping stone, exposing learners to up to 70 words, 36 of which are super clear cognates.

1. Rūfus lutulentus Teacher’s Materials & Expanded Readings (ExR)

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There is one section of Grammar Topics (organized according to NLE syllabi) for the entire book. Each chapter includes a Vocabulary section with Phrases/Structures, New Words & New Forms, Possible Discussion Questions, 2 illustrated Expanded Readings (ExR) from the Rūfus et Lūcia: līberī lutulentī novella (see below), an Activities section including 10 Sentences for Dictatio (standard, Running, or Egg) and 2 Word Clouds, as well as a Glossary (the super clear cognate list, and then all words). In addition, there are 2 Storyboards (a Storyboard Dictation template, and Read & Draw w/ sentences from the chapter).

1) Amazon
2) Free Preview of Chapter I
3) Classroom Set Specials (over $120  off with lutulentus Bundle)

2. Rūfus et Lūcia: līberī lutulentī (25-70 words)

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This collection of 18 stories supplies learners with over 1600 words of additional input that could be used to reinforce the vocabulary in each chapter of Rūfus lutulentus through Expanded Readings (ExR). Alternatively, use as a Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) option for all Latin learners, regardless of reading the orignal novella. The story expansions expose learners to far more words than in the original introductory novella (i.e. 25 to 70) in order to support reading the next level of novellas including about twice as many words. The first story expansions establish meaning of 18 cognates not in Rūfus lutulentus. The second story expansions add another 18 cognates, as well as 14 words not found in Rūfus lutulentus. Thus, the unique word count from reading both expansions comes to 70, with over half super clear cognates! The story expansions add details to certain characters and events from Rūfus lutulentus, as well as a character from outside of the Pisoverse. When Arianne Belzer published Lūcia: puella mala, she said “I think Lucia and Rufus would get along fantastically!” She was right, and this muddy duo has fun in the second of each chapter expansion. I thank her for Lucia’s appearance in this book.

1) Amazon
2) Free Preview (first 3 of 9 chapters, no illustrations)
3) Classroom Set Specials (over $120 off with lutulentus Bundle, $50 off with set of 25)

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