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1. Rūfus lutulentus (narration)

2. Quīntus et nox horrifica (audiobook with music & sound effects)

3. Syra sōla (narration)

4. Poenica purpurāria (narration)

5. Pīsō perturbātus (narration)

6. Drūsilla in Subūrā (narration)

7. Rūfus et arma  ātra (audiobook with music & sound effects)

8. **NEW** Agrippīna aurīga (audiobook with music & sound effects)

9. trēs amīcī et mōnstrum saevum (narration)

10. sitne amor? (narration)

11. **NEW** ecce, poēmata discipulīs! (poetry album with music throughout)

12. Learning Latin via Agrippīna (Latin learning course)

  • over 6 hours of Latin
  • questions and meaning established in English
  • could be used independently from the book

13. Pīsō et Syra et pōtiōnēs mysticae (narration)

14. Drūsilla et convīvium magārum (narration)

15. sīgna zōdiaca Vol. 1 (narration)

16. sīgna zōdiaca Vol. 2 (narration)

17. sīgna zōdiaca Vol. 3 (narration)

18. Pīsō Ille Poētulus Poetry Album (verses with rhythmic accompaniment)

19. Tiberius et Gallisēna ultima (narration)