Rūfus et arma ātra Audiobook

The Rūfus Audiobook is available now on iTunes and Amazon, but it’s better to download from Band Camp! Alternatively, I can mail it to you on a USB Drive.

Use the Audiobook for practical classroom listening activities (e.g. dictations, listen & draw, listen & discuss, etc.), for exposure to a different Latin speaker (which also means a break for YOU), and of course, pure entertainment! In addition, Tracks 10 to 16 feature 20% faster speaking in order to build fluency, or to challenge older students you *think* are way beyond Rūfus.

This is not just audio. There are pauses and sound effects to aid comprehension, drum sounds during page turns, and intro/outro music for ambiance. The sound effects were free online. I composed the music, and recorded the voices (with special guest, Marina Papaiakovou, as Rufus).

Here are excerpts from each chapter:

  1. Intro music, and first page of Chapter 1
  2. Piso, page turn, and Rufus in Chapter 2
  3. Narration, sound effects, page turn in Chapter 3
  4. Romans cheering, Oenobatiatus, narration, and outro music of Chapter 4
  5. Page turn, narration, Rufus, and outro music of Chapter 5
  6. Narration, sound effects, Oenobatiatus, “male olet” scene w/ Rufus, gladiators, and Oenobatiatus, and a page turn from Chapter 6
  7. Narration, and sound effects from Chapter 7


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