Learning Latin via Agrippina: Released!

This is not an audiobook with sound effects or music. It’s not just narration. It’s definitely not repeat-after-me.

This release is part of a new series of audio, Learning Latin via, planned for other Pisoverse novellas. This series assumes a listener with ZERO prior Latin can maintain comprehension and confidence while listening to any book! If you listen to this while following along with the novella (or maybe even without the text!?), you WILL start to pick up Latin.

The audio to accompany Agrippīna: māter fortis is the first offered in the series. There are over 1500 Latin messages, some of which are comprised of 10+ words—none of that isolate word-list, or “repeat-after-me” stuff! This contains 6 hours of Latin! Each chapter has the following 3 tracks:

  1. English Meaning & Exposure (English meaning is given after sentences are read aloud, and then additional questions and statements are made to increase exposure to words/phrases in the chapter, often doubling or tripling the input!)
  2. Slower Narration (10% slower speed, with longer pauses between utterances to allow for processing. Skip to Faster Narration if completely clear.)
  3. Faster Narration (a comfortable, perhaps brisk speaking speed with shorter pauses between utterances)

This is basically an audio course that should cost waaaay more than it does, and it’s designed to be used with students. Here are SOME ways to use Learning Latin via Agrippina…

  • buy 1x (no need for class sets!), and listen to the first chapters as a whole-class using your favorite listening activities (knowing that most sheltered vocab is front-loaded)!
  • use to provide input without speaking (whether speaking Latin is new for you, you want to expose students to a different speaker, or you just need a break!)
  • download, share on Drive/One Drive, then assign as homework option/flipped classroom
  • use as a K-F-D quiz, or other listening quiz/test/”assessment”
  • serve as no-prep sub plans (e.g. Listen & Draw?)
  • provide as Free Voluntary Listening (make use of that old iPod! Set up a listening area in the classroom within the Free Voluntary Reading area.)
  • source of input for home-schooled students (otherwise without a proficient language speaker at home)
  • for independent learners/Latin enthusiasts
  • for fun

Learning Latin via Agrippīna is available…

1) YouTube preview of Chapter 1
2) Download it from Band Camp
3) Have it mailed to you on a USB drive

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