Teacher’s Guide & Student Workbook for Pīsō

The 238 pages of support for Pīsō Ille Poētulus are finally here! In addition to invaluable information about Latin poetry, this Teacher’s Guide has 13 ready-to-go options for interacting with each chapter of Pīsō! Head to the copier, or project on board. Use them all, or choose a few per chapter; do whatever you’d like!

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Teacher’s Guide
Each chapter includes a Chapter Notes section for Grammar/Culture Topics (organized according to NLE syllabi), comprehension Questions (& responses) in Latin and English, the Poetry rhythms demystified, a Vocabulary section with Phrases/Structures, Thematic Vocabulary, a list of TPRable words, 4 Illustrated Tiered Readings, and an Activities section including 10 Sentences for Dictatiō (standard, Running, or Egg), One Word At a Time Stories (OWATS), 3 Word Clouds,  Who Would/Wouldn’t say…? sentences, and a Poetry Practice worksheet (with an Answer Key). The Teacher’s Guide is available…

1) Classroom Set Specials (up to $180 off!)
2) On Amazon
3) As a preview of Chapters 1-6 (120 pages, no illustrations on Tiered Readings)

If you use Piso, but don’t need all that support, and/or have your own activities, etc., you can access Piso for Creators. This document has digitized phrases from each chapter to copy and create any materials of your own, as well as the comprehension questions in Latin and English ready to go for a variety of needs.

Student Workbooks
The Student Workbooks are compiled from the Teacher’s Guide, and include the Vocabulary section with Phrases/Structures, 4 Illustrated Tiered Readings, English Comprehension Questions, Who Would/Wouldn’t say…? sentences, and Poetry Practice worksheet.

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The workbook allows each student to have their own 92-page resource for interacting with the text without the teacher copying and handing out loose pages to students for each activity. The Workbooks are available…

1) Classroom Set Specials (up to $180 off!)
2) On Amazon

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