Magister P’s Pop-Up Grammar: Published!

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What, you didn’t think a CI-espousing comprehension-based and communicative language teacher could be into grammar?!

Well, I totally am, but even moreso into making grammar more comprehensible for learners. For me, that means eliminating explicit grammar entirely, and for many at least never grading it. Still, there seems to be a constant need for clearer explanations for those few learners interested in Latin grammar. In fact, curiosity is perhaps the best reason to have a resource like this handy, even in a communicative classroom.

Drawing examples from the 12 current Pisoverse novellas, concise explanations—perhaps in the style of Randall Munroe’s Thing Explainer—help demystify linguistic terms many have joked might as well be a different language! Here are some uses I can think of at the moment:

See Magister P’s Pop-Up Grammar here, on Amazon.

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