CI Materials

Research & Support (Community)
Studies Showing the Ineffectiveness of Grammar Instruction
Tea with BvP Highlights Seasons 1-3 Updated 1.25.18 with the final, 75th Episode – The Farewell Show
The Amazing Disappearing Grammar Syllabus (ppt)
How Comprehensible Must Reading Be?  Adaptation of Marcos Benevides’ PPT
Eric Herman’s Acquisition Classroom Memo Video Playlist
Stepping Into CI
Sub plans (based on Latin Stories videos)
CI Program Checklist: Summary

MGMT (Classroom MGMT)
Daily Engagement Agreements (DEA)
Card Talk (formerly Circling with Balls)
Stolz’ Daily Routines
Storyasking Routines
Student Jobs
Brain Breaks

Classroom Setup & Resources (Comprehensibility)
Safety Net Phrases
Yes/No & Question Posters
Q & A (Yes/No upgrade)
Quaint Quīnque, Awesome Octō, and Sweet Sēdecim (Latin’s Super 7 & Sweet 16) – All poster variations
Super Clear Classroom Cognates
TPR Word Wall

TPR (ppt)
TPR Scenes

Assessment & Grading (Counting)
Input Expectations Rubric (+ older Proficiency Rubrics, and New Rubric for Many Grading Categories )
Fluency Writes
Quick Quizzes (links to a blog post)
K-F-D Quizzes

Activities (Camaraderie)
Templates to Print:
Novella Study Template
Scaffolded Storyasking
Story Cube Reconstruction
Character Profile
Storyboard Dictation Template
Draw, Write, Pass (Storyboard + Caption Template)
Word Races (2x)
Shared Latin Stories:
MovieTalk Embedded Readings
2016-17 Latin 1 Parallel Stories
Other Activities:
Latin Clue
Power Points:
First TPRS Story
Generic TPRS Story
Class Password
– Discipulus Illustris – Truths & Lies
Older/No Longer Used:
Speed Reading
autoCrat Personalized Stories (prep-intensive)

Curriculum & Planning (Content)
Template for Backwards Planning from a Reading
Universal Language Curriculum (ULC)
A New Curriculum Map

52 Most Important Verbs (Quaint Quīnque, Awesome Octō, Sweet Sēdecim, Top 32)
Visualization of the 52 Most Important Verbs


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