CI Materials

Research & Support (Community)
Tea with BvP Highlights Season 1 & 2 Updated 3.23.17 with Episode 53 – All About Learners’ Output
Teachers That Teach
How Comprehensible Must Reading Be?  Adaptation of Marcos Benevides’ PPT
Storyasking Basics CANE 2017 Presentation

MGMT (Classroom MGMT)
Daily Engagement Agreements (DEA)
Either/Or (ppt)
Circling with Balls
Student Jobs
Brain Breaks

Classroom Setup & Resources (Comprehensibility)
Safety Net Phrases
Yes/No & Question Posters
Quaint Quīnque & Awesome Octō (Latin’s Super 7)
TPR Word Wall

TPR (ppt)
TPR Scenes

Assessment & Grading (Counting)
Proficiency Goal Rubrics (all)
Fluency Writes

Activities (Camaraderie)
Word Races (2x) 
2016-17 Latin 1 Parallel Stories

First TPRS Story
Generic TPRS Story
Class Password
Either/Or (ppt)
Draw, Write, Pass (Storyboard Template)
Speed Reading
autoCrat Personalized Stories

Curriculum & Planning (Content)
A New Curriculum Map
51 Most Important Verbs (Quaint Quīnque, Awesome Octō, Sweet Sēdecim, Top 32)
Visualization of the 51 Most Important Verbs

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