CI Materials

Research & Support (Community)
“Research Talks…” a Must-have book of 150 SLA quotes
Studies Showing the Ineffectiveness of Grammar Instruction & Error Correction
Tea with BvP Highlights Seasons 1-3 Updated 1.25.18 with the final, 75th Episode – The Farewell Show
How Comprehensible Must Reading Be?  Adaptation of Marcos Benevides’ PPT
Eric Herman’s Acquisition Classroom Memo Video Playlist
Submit ALIRA Results (anoynmous)

MGMT (Classroom MGMT)
Look & Listen, Respond/Show/Ask
Student Jobs
Brain Breaks

Classroom Setup & Resources (Comprehensibility)
Yes/No & Question Posters
Q & A (Yes/No upgrade)
Quaint Quīnque, Awesome Octō, and Sweet Sēdecim (Latin’s Super 7 & Sweet 16, all poster variations)
quālitātēs (updated to only cognates, 3 lists)

Assessment & Grading (Counting)
Process & Growth (+ older Rubrics)
Fluency Writes (+ Digital Form)
Comprehension Checks (formerly Quick Quizzes)
K-F-D Quizzes
The Monitor Assessment

Activities (Camaraderie)
Slide Talk & Task Template
The Unfair Game
mystēria (Who dunnit?)
The Game
Input-based Strategies & Activities
59 Simple Story Starters
Game of Quotes
Weekend BINGO prompts
Shared Latin Stories:
MovieTalk Embedded Readings
2016-17 Latin 1 Parallel Stories
Latin Clue
Sub plans (based on Latin Stories videos)
Choice Board & Latin 1 October Choice Board
Latin archery videos

Curriculum & Planning (Content)
Academic Latin (AL) Packs
SHA Latin 1 Curriculum (2022-23)
Universal Language Curriculum (ULC) **Updated 6.19.21**
Magister P’s Top 100 Latin Words

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