CI Materials

Research & Support (Community)
“Research Talks…” a Must-have book of 150 SLA quotes
Studies Showing the Ineffectiveness of Grammar Instruction & Error Correction
Tea with BvP Highlights Seasons 1-3 Updated 1.25.18 with the final, 75th Episode – The Farewell Show
How Comprehensible Must Reading Be?  Adaptation of Marcos Benevides’ PPT
Eric Herman’s Acquisition Classroom Memo Video Playlist
Submit ALIRA Results (anoynmous)

MGMT (Classroom MGMT)
Look, Listen, Ask
Student Jobs
Brain Breaks

Classroom Setup & Resources (Comprehensibility)
Yes/No & Question Posters
Q & A (Yes/No upgrade)
Quaint Quīnque, Awesome Octō, and Sweet Sēdecim (Latin’s Super 7 & Sweet 16, all poster variations)
quālitātēs (updated to all cognates, 3 lists)

Assessment & Grading (Counting)
Process, Growth, Proficiency + Generic (+ older Rubrics)
Fluency Writes (+ Digital Form)
Quick Quizzes
K-F-D Quizzes
The Monitor Assessment

Activities (Camaraderie)
The Unfair Game
mystēria (Who dunnit?)
The Game
Input-based Strategies & Activities
59 Simple Story Starters
Game of Quotes
Weekend BINGO prompts
Shared Latin Stories:
MovieTalk Embedded Readings
2016-17 Latin 1 Parallel Stories
Latin Clue
Sub plans (based on Latin Stories videos)
Choice Board
Latin archery videos

Curriculum & Planning (Content)
Universal Language Curriculum (ULC) **Updated 6.19.21**
Magister P’s Top 100 Latin Words

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