Pīsō (latín -> español) Published!


You’ve seen this map, right? Among many things, it’s to remind Western cultures that their historic place in the world doesn’t mean that the continents actually exist as they’ve been portrayed. This was the first image that came to mind when Donaciano Pardo, a Latin teacher in Spain, expressed to me that he wanted his students to read Pīsō Ille Poētulus, but that they didn’t understand English…

piso espanol cover full small - Copy

Donaciano translated the preface, footnotes, poetry notes, and glossary into Spanish. I believe this is the first novella of its kind to be translated into a language other than English. Let’s hope this represents a world-wide demand for more comprehensible Latin for the classroom! You can get the Latin to Spanish version of Pīsō at…

1) My eStore (Amazon is killing this option as of October 31st, but please consider purchasing from this page. You must create a login, but you’ll send about 70% more in royalties my way for the next 2 weeks)
2) Amazon (purchase here if you really really really want your Prime free shipping, or just want to shop on Amazon, etc.)
3) Email me for Purchase Orders.

2 thoughts on “Pīsō (latín -> español) Published!

  1. Say hello to Donciano for me! He came to the workshop in Agen a couple of years ago. I remember a very cultured gentleman.

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