Slide Talk Stories & Super Simple Story Script Sequence

After looking at all the collaborative storytelling options for our first class story, we decided Mike Peto’s simple structure of a 20min story—tops—was exactly what we were looking for. In preparation, I suggested that we script out some basic either/or detail options, one of which being a “shadow” (i.e. non-option), and the other what we think they’d likely choose. Student teacher Magister K suggested that we look to each class’ Slide Talk slides to find something they already liked…

As we scrolled through the slides to find an obvious main character, I realized that we could use the Slides during the storyasking process itself in real time, and not just for research ahead of time! This is innovative. Other options (e.g. Story Cubes, VERBA cards, etc.) provide clear visual support, but the images on the Slides are even more personalized.

Slide Talk Stories
Screenshare/project the Slides, and scroll through to inspire story detail options. If you want students to compete over details a little more, choose two options from the Slides (e.g. “H.E.R. or Brent Faiyaz?”). Otherwise, choose one detail from the Slides, then whatever other shadow comes to mind. Use the script below for a home-run story.

Super Simple Story Script Sequence
(is, likes, has, wants, goes)

X = object
Y = first location
Z = second location

likes X.
is sad because they don’t have X.
goes to Y in order to have X.
but, there’s a problem—X isn’t in Y!
goes to Z in order to have X.
now has X.

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