Kahoot English Quadrant Word Race

The low-tech/no-tech paper version of the English Quadrant Word Race (included in Pīsō Ille Poētulus Teacher’s Guide, as well as the upcoming Teacher’s Materials for Rūfus et arma ātra) is an awesome, simple, input-based competitive activity.

The more-tech version is to take 5min and make a Kahoot quiz for the whole class, or teams. On Kahoot, students earn more points the faster they answer, so you’ll get a whole class/team winner (vs. the 1 winner per pair in the low/no-tech paper version).

kahoot 1

The process is the same—just read slowly in the target language, and when students hear you say one of the options, they choose it on their smartphone/computer.

kahoot 2

One thought on “Kahoot English Quadrant Word Race

  1. I used this activity (on Kahoot) on Friday in two different Latin I classes. The kids enjoyed it. In fact, the feedback option showed that many students thought it was a good learning experience. Based on discussion of each question, I saw that it really drove home the difference between paraphrasing/summarizing and translating. It was a review of Stage 3 of Cambridge Latin Course. I re-read all 4 stories from that stage to the class, and they were listening for 10 different sentences. (They were broken up, 2-3 chunks per story.)

    One really cool experience was this sentence: Leo Herculem ferociter petit.
    One of the incorrect answers was “Hercules attacks a lion.” A student said, “But it says Hercules attacked a lion.” I said, “Here’s the Latin, ‘Leo Herculemmmm . . .,” and the student was saying, “Ohhhh,” before I even finished the sentence. I didn’t have to explain it, just repeat the sentence in isolation.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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