Word Wall (For Screen Sharing) & Class Bibliothēcae Docs

As a drummer, and former drum corps and marching band performer, coordination isn’t really a problem. However, the clickity clickness and toggling of teaching remotely via Zoom is enough to give me pause, and that’s no good. The One Doc setup has taken care of organization, sure. This latest update takes care of providing input during class with supports at-the-ready. Oh, and the class libraries are just a cool space for texts…

Word Wall (For Screen Sharing)
In short, I resized my PPT slides and made them portrait view so they can act as a side panel to anything being shared. Here’s a screenshot:

Here’s a template you can mess around with. I also recorded this video of me walking you through it.

Class Bibliothēcae
The one Google Doc I’m using for organization is a great place for informal in-class typing of Latin, such as Write & Discuss—just a quick “CTRL + ENTER” and you got a new page to start typing into! For more “produced” texts, though, like those with images prepared ahead of time, I’ve created a library for each class in their own Doc. These basically replace any printed texts I would’ve handed out, but they’re all in one place, and the production quality being in color is awesome. Students access these class libraries with customized Bitly links, and they’re also posted as a Material in Google Classroom.

As the intro states below, the library is organized by date, with links to bookmarks at the start of each text. Since tomorrow is our first full week of classes, there’s just one text from last week’s Slide Talk (i.e. formerly “Card Talk”), but links to new texts will be added at the top of the list. N.B. I can also report that Slide Talk has shown its superiority to Card Talk in that I copied the exact images students added to their slides into the typed up text, creating an even stronger personalized connection!

Also, remember that these libraries are actually a 100% free start to an FVR library! Here’s a screenshot:

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