eBook Comparison

All of my books are available on Storylabs, and a selection of them join Andrew Olimpi’s and Emma Vanderpool’s on Mike Peto’s site. These are very different platforms. This post isn’t intended to be a pro/con list. Instead, it’s purpose is to clearly lay out the features for you…

This is a robust platform with management tools, and individual student logins. Teachers can create “classrooms” for different sections, courses, groups of students, or groups of books. Teachers can track how long students spend reading, too. There are supplemental activities, with more added along the way as teachers contribute (available to all), and there’s audio for each chapter, either recordings uploaded by the author themselves, or a default adorable Italian pronunciation (but not both). Storylabs is specially formatted for scrolling and use with different screen sizes. A menu to the left acts as a table of contents, so students can jump to chapters, the glossary, and activities. There’s a phone app on the way, too. Individual books are $60 for all students to access (up to 180), and there are combo deals, such as the All-Access, right now bringing the cost to $30/book, which will drop as more are added (i.e. the cost for all Pisoverse books remains $600 even as new books get added throughout the year, including next volumes of sīgna zōdiaca, and at least two more novellas!). There are deals, here.

My Generation of Polyglots
Mike Peto’s platform brings the same physical book layout to the screen with a single login that teachers share with students. There are no tools, activities, or audio. There are left/right page turn arrows (and a page turn sound). To access the glossary and skip chapters, students use a navigation slider at the bottom of the screen. Individual books are $29.99 for all students to access (up to 300).

Here are different screenshots showing the different reading experiences students will encounter:

Maximized browser viewed on a laptop
iPhone in Chrome
iPhone in beta app (coming soon w/ updates)
Polyglots – Full screen laptop view
Polyglots – iPhone
in Chrome (portrait)
Polyglots – iPhone in Chrome
(landscape, yeah, it switches to one page view)

5 thoughts on “eBook Comparison

  1. The iPhone screenshots don’t display — they seem to come from mail.google.com and give “410 Gone” when accessed directly. Did you try to “share” them directly from your email?

    The laptop screenshots work. Perhaps you could do the same thing for the iPhone screenshots that you did for the laptop ones?

  2. What if I want to purchase a single copy if an ebooK as an individual learner? I can’t seem to find a way to buy a single ebook as a UK resident? Many thanks!

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