Input Hypermiling: StoryGuessing

Weeks ago, I wrote about the super fast process of collaborative storytelling, StoryGuessing. A year ago, I began looking for ways to hypermile classroom input. Here’s how to combine the two…

  1. Immediately following StoryGuessing, either before or after the Write & Discuss, have students write their own story using the details they guessed. N.B. many of my students wrote partly in Latin, partly in English. It doesn’t matter since you’ll type that up anyway. You now have X story variations to type up, whereas X is number of students!
  2. Next, read them as a class using your favorite input-based strategy.
  3. Finally, have students choose a favorite to illustrate & caption.
  4. Do something with those illustrations & captions.

One result could be a packet of illustrated stories if you compile everything together. Another zero prep option is the team game of Flyswatter Picture Talk I did this week, projecting three pictures, then describing just one of them that each team representative had to race to identify. Most points won. What’d they win? Glory, and honor.

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