45,000 Total Words Read!

I had some time during end of the year cleaning, keeping a single copy of each co-created class text, and had fun with counting words. Those texts were also analyzed for vocab in this post. Anyway, I wrote about the solid start to the year up through 55 hours of CI, then the April update at the 100 hour mark. So, here we are at the end of the first year of Latin just 20 classes later (120 total hours of CI). Students have read on their own for 238 total minutes (just under 4 hours) of Sustained Silent Reading (SSR), and 270 minutes (4.5 hours) of Free Voluntary Reading (FVR)…

Students read two more novellas since April break: Syra sōla, and Syra et animālia (forthcoming), adding 3400 words read. Students also read the first 6 chapters of Lingua Latīna Per Sē Illustrāta (LLPSI), as well as a few MovieTalk stories, which all totaled over 4600 words.

Therefore, from April vacation to the final days of class, first year Latin students have read over 8000 total words of Latin, all within just 20 days! That makes the running total for the year over 45,000.

Here’s to 2019-20!

For a textbook program comparison, students read only ~6500 total words by Stage 12, and just ~14,500 by Stage 20 in the first two textbooks of the Cambridge Latin Course. Most programs take a year or two to get through that textbook material. After one year, students have been exposed to over 75% more total Latin through a textbook-free comprehension-based and communicative Latin program. bombax!

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