“Either/Or” PPT

Here’s a new, reaaaaaally useful PPT inspired by Linda Li’s “Like/Dislike” activity I saw back at iFLT last summer. The concept is simple—slides have two images you can use to ask an “either/or” question. That’s it, no words, so you can say anything you like. Oh, and click the question mark in the corner to jump to a random slide (after prompted to “Enable Content” for Macros upon opening the file).

The PPT is designed to be so global that it can be used anytime—ANYTIME—you offer students a choice. Also, I’m thinking that it might be better to begin the year with this instead of Circling With Balls (CWB) since it requires absolutely no talking like Linda Li’s activity during which students move around the room based on what they like/dislike according to the images on the slide (i.e. left side, right side, or middle of room if you like both). This is a simple way to provide input, get to know students, and when ready, engage in Personalized Questions & Answers (PQA) with that a “yes/no” verbal response.

Among all the ways you could use this PPT, like deciding between story details during TPRS, here are a few good prompts:

  1. Do you like…?
  2. Would you rather be/have/see…?
  3. More essential to survival (or ANY other controversy included in Practomime’s CARD-tamen)

As usual, the images come from the Picturae Database. I might have used ALL of them for this one!

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