Pisoverse eBooks Are Here!

**Updated 8.1.20 with this All-Access Pisoverse & Olimpi combo**

The world feels like it’s burning right now. Everyone should pay close attention to police brutality, those defending it, and so-called “leaders“ encouraging it and inciting further violence from white nationalists. If we can’t stand against systematic racism directly, we must be observant of what’s going on in solidarity. No one gets to tune this out, and if you do, recognize that privilege. So, this eBook announcement of mine is insignificant in comparison. Nonetheless, teachers’ attention at some point will have to shift to next year’s micro world of school and the classroom. This is what I have to offer when it comes to putting out some of those fires.

I’ve teamed up with Storylabs to offer the Pisoverse in digital form. All novellas are now available as an annual subscription for ALL your students (up to 180…and if you have more than 180, may the Olympian gods hep you!). Options include single books, packs of 3, or complete Pisoverse All Access. The eBooks are all web-based, and a school-safe certificate is on its way for a downloadable app.

Storylabs also has some tools for teachers, like tracking how long students spend reading, built-in notebooks, and the ability to create, share, and use resources other teachers have made for each book! If you have ideas, there’s a link to a Google form in each book’s Index Verbōrum. Or, fill that out directly, now. Unlike some textbook companies, we want to encourage collaboration between teachers sharing materials that support reading novellas. Just be sure to check first to see if you’re creating something that already exists in a Teacher’s Guide! Oh, and all the narration and Audiobooks I’ve recorded is included with the eBooks on Storylabs! Each student can listen to every chapter as many times as they want while reading at their own pace. There’s also built-in adorable Italian pronunciation for the few books I haven’t recorded, too!

The Storylabs pricing is reasonable. Industry standard E-learning pricing is around $6 per student per book for the year. Storylabs is one annual cost, for all students. For example, if you have 100 students, access to a single book comes to $.60 per student for the whole year! Even one small class of 15 students would be $4. That’s with just one book; the savings increases with the other subscription options. Also, I offer significant discounts on physical + eBook combos.

Why might you want eBooks? For one, a subscription covers all students—no more fighting over titles during independent reading time. Also, no need to lend out any books for reading at home. Everything’s available from internet, and/or data-connected devices, any time! Oh, lest we mention why digital resources might be desirable as we wait to return to school in these pandemic times.

So, you can see a preview of some books right now by going to storylabs.app in any browser, using “preview” as both the username and password…

Choose a book, click to switch between chapters, and continue…

If you like what you see, logout of that preview class, click on “Teacher Sign Up,” then use that email to purchase a subscription. Storylabs has tutorial videos on how to set up your own class, and email your students a link to get started. Once they have their login information, they can access the Pisoverse books from a browser, and/or by downloading the app when ready.

**Important** Purchasing a subscription adds books to your Storylabs account. Therefore, you MUST create a Storylabs account (i.e. go to http://www.storylabs.app then “Teacher Sign Up”) before purchasing.

  1. Storylabs, directly.
  2. My site, with discounts on physical book + eBook combos

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