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I started this blog in grad school, primarily as my digital CV, and on advice of a Tech presenter to scoop up the really short domain before any other “teacher P” had the idea. For nearly two years, I occasionally uploaded my work on the rhythms of Latin poetry. Then, at the start of my second year teaching, I had this short announcement about figuring some stuff out, and at the end of that 2014-15 school year, I confessed how wrong I was about “practicing” languages. I’ve been blogging regularly (304 posts) ever since.

Now, aside from scooping up the domain name, I started this blog under the “Free” version, and have been using that ever since. Among other things, this means that visitors see ads. In case there’s any question, I don’t get paid for any clicks on those. Honestly, I’ve ignored them. But ads can be annoying, especially if you don’t have a good pop-up blocker, and don’t click to remove/hide them. Therefore, I went looking into WordPress blog options…

  • Free: ads
  • Personal: no ads
  • Premium, etc.: ads, but monetization

A Premium blog would be an identical experience for visitors to how it’s always been, except that I’d have to pay monthly and have a sliiiiiim chance of making money on ad clicks, lol. I don’t like this idea, especially if the ads might be for something relevant like, say, Babble, Duolingo, or anything else I wouldn’t recommend. As such, I’ve gone ahead and upgraded to the Personal blog for the minimal cost of about a latte each month.

Enjoy reading the blog now ad-free!

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