CI Program Checklist: 12 of 13

Classroom MGMT
✔   Rules (DEA & CWB)
✔   Routines (Routines, Student Jobs, Interjections & Rejoinders)
✔   Brain Breaks

✔   Inclusion (Safety Nets, Gestures & Question Posters)
✔   Shelter Vocab (Super 7, TPR ppt, TPR Wall, and Word Wall)
✔   Unshelter Grammar (TPR Scenes)

✔   Secrets (Class Password)
✔   Students (People)
✔   Stories (TPRS, MovieTalk, Magic Tricks, Free Voluntary Reading (FVR))

✔   Reporting (Quick Quizzes)
✔   Showing Growth (Fluency Writes)
__ Grading

If you’ve been to a two day TPRS Workshop, you’ll know that the second day in the afternoon is devoted to “making this method work in school.” You’ll also know that this is when teachers freak out, and their world comes crashing down. This is called disequilibrium, and is natural. In that moment, teachers realize they’ve been wasting a lot of time testing, grading, preparing, and feel helpless about the next steps. Here’s some support:

Since I began using the Daily Engagement Agreements (DEA), I’ve had them account for 0% of a student’s grade (i.e. REPORTED scores, but not factored into overall course grade), 10% of their grade, and 50% of their grade. In the latter example, my students simply refused to do anything unless they felt that “it counted,” and I overheard a student say that 10% wasn’t enough for them to care about. When I increased the percentage to 50, the kids took those 3 simple rules (Look, Listen, Ask) more seriously, and we had a great time. This has to be your call.

Whatever you do, know that grades are not meant to hold kids hostage. My grading philosophy is that grades have everything to do with school and nothing to do with language acquisition. Thus, I’ve designed my grading system to be the least restrictive way for a kid to acquire Latin and get an A at the same time.

See this post for updated DEA and Input Expectations grading.


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