No-Prep Monday Poetry Of The Week: Using fragmenta Pīsōnis

For this year’s students, learning about the Romans—in Latin—began late in October with a CALP-inspired topic exploration on Roman housing (more on this, later) after months of focusing on the self, class, and community. Exploring Roman housing took place just after students read their first novella, Quīntus et nox horrifica. Upon returning from the December holiday break, students read their second novella, Drūsilla in Subūrā, which featured city-living apartments more familiar to them after the topic exploration during the fall. Learning about the Romans will now continue throughout the year as a new weekly routine begins…

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Scansion – Simplified

Traditional Scansion is a silly practice, especially in how it’s notated…the info is already there!!! So before you think I’m nuts, how many possibilities are there in terms of quantity? Two (long and short).

WHY NOTATE BOTH!?!?!?!…………..(if not long, it’s SHORT!)

(see the demonstration video here)
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