Pronunciation & Poetry Quizzes

māter ārtium necessitās

It’s rare that I begin a blog post with some pretentious Latin quote that might as well have been in that Tombstone scene. However, it really fits nicely. Why? It seems that every time I experience unwanted confusion, additional work, changes of plans, and really just negōtium in general, I have an idea. The fruit of this day’s frustration is two additional sneaky quizzes to add to the Quick Quiz family. Besides, with Poetry Of The Week now underway for about a month, these have even more purpose…

Pronunciation Quiz
Read aloud some Latin as-is for True. Change the length of a vowel, or ignore double consonants for False. That’s it!

Poetry Quiz
Recite a line of poetry as-is for True, or change the rhythm for False (i.e. vowel lengths, elisions, syllable quantities). That’s it!

Of course, these two quizzes are more about getting scores for the gradebook than anything, but as teachers we need those, and we benefit from variety. Besides, with any “review” of the quiz being in the target language, these still do provide input while getting those scores. With the addition of these two, the total no-prep quizzes comes to 8. Read more about on the Input-Based Strategies & Activities post:

Quick Quiz
K-F-D Quiz
Vocab Quick Quiz
Picture Quick Quiz
Classroom Quick Quiz
Pronunciation Quiz
Poetry Quiz
Tense Test

To review, the basic quiz process (aside from K-F-D Quizzes, and the Tense Test) is a) make 4 True/False statements, b) pass out colored pens and “correct” in class (in the target language, with PQA), and c) report the scores in the 0% grading category. That’s it!

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