K-F-D Quiz: Fun With Data Analysis!

I spent about 15min entering data from the diēs Mārtis (i.e. Tuesday) Latin class K-F-D Quizzes. N.B. These are “sneaky quizzes” per my NTPRS 2017 presentation, No Prep Grading & Assessment, referring to “assessments” that satisfy most quizzing/testing requirements, yet are actually an opportunity to interact and acquire. 28 students were in class for the K-F-D … Continue reading K-F-D Quiz: Fun With Data Analysis!

Negligent Motorist = 1, Lance = 0

Yesterday, the following events unfolded while riding my motorcycle: I notice a car rolling towards towards the road at a TD Bank exit driveway—the driver isn’t looking left (i.e. my direction). The driver doesn’t look my way, keeps rolling, then suddenly turns left into the road directly in front of me. I stop short. The momentum sends my motorcycle down on its right … Continue reading Negligent Motorist = 1, Lance = 0

NTPRS 2016: More Changes, More Thoughts

After attending iFLT, I spent another week in Reno at NTPRS. While iFLT offered more opportunities to observe teachers teaching students, NTPRS offered more opportunities to actually BE a student for those of us in the Experienced track. I appreciated the short demos that most presenters gave, even when the workshops were not titled “___ language demo.” There are some … Continue reading NTPRS 2016: More Changes, More Thoughts