CI Program Checklist: Summary

**Update 4.26.16 See how the checklist sets up a Sample CI Schedule for the Year** **Read a post on the Week & Day Updated 12.9.17** Classroom MGMT ✔   Rules (DEA & CWB) ✔   Routines (Routines, Student Jobs, Interjections & Rejoinders) ✔   Brain Breaks Comprehensibility ✔   Inclusion (Safety Nets, Gestures & Question Posters) ✔   Shelter Vocab (Super 7, TPR ppt, … Continue reading CI Program Checklist: Summary

CI Materials

Research & Support (Community)“Research Talks…” a Must-have book of 150 SLA quotesStudies Showing the Ineffectiveness of Grammar Instruction & Error CorrectionTea with BvP Highlights Seasons 1-3 Updated 1.25.18 with the final, 75th Episode – The Farewell ShowHow Comprehensible Must Reading Be?  Adaptation of Marcos Benevides’ PPTEric Herman’s Acquisition Classroom Memo Video PlaylistSub plans (based on Latin Stories videos)Latin archery videos MGMT (Classroom … Continue reading CI Materials