CI Program Checklist: Summary

**Update 4.26.16 See how the checklist sets up a Sample CI Schedule for the Year** **Read a post on the Week & Day Updated 12.9.17** Classroom MGMT ✔   Rules (DEA & CWB) ✔   Routines (Routines, Student Jobs, Interjections & Rejoinders) ✔   Brain Breaks Comprehensibility ✔   Inclusion (Safety Nets, Gestures & Question Posters) ✔   Shelter Vocab (Super 7, TPR ppt, … Continue reading CI Program Checklist: Summary

CI Materials

Research & Support (Community)“Research Talks…” a Must-have book of 150 SLA quotesStudies Showing the Ineffectiveness of Grammar InstructionTea with BvP Highlights Seasons 1-3 Updated 1.25.18 with the final, 75th Episode – The Farewell ShowHow Comprehensible Must Reading Be?  Adaptation of Marcos Benevides’ PPTEric Herman’s Acquisition Classroom Memo Video PlaylistSub plans (based on Latin Stories videos) MGMT (Classroom MGMT)Weekly MGMT SheetsDaily Engagement Agreements … Continue reading CI Materials