Dictation & Trashketball Combo

We’ve heard from Bill VanPatten that true communication has a purpose (i.e. cognitive-informational, and psycho-social). In the latest Tea with BVP, Bill stated those two purposes more clearly in teacher-friendly terms in that “we communicate in order to learn, build, create, entertain, and socialize.” My students love creating, entertaining, and socializing, so those are the … Continue reading Dictation & Trashketball Combo

Input-Based Strategies & Activities

**Check out the EZ conversions for remote learning!****Updated 11.20.19 with new The Septem Game rules****Check out the companion post on Getting Texts!** When choosing the class agenda beyond each particular day’s routine, it dawned on me that I couldn’t remember all my favorite activities. Thus, here are the input-based strategies & activities I’ve collected over the … Continue reading Input-Based Strategies & Activities